Measurement Systems

Sensor supply, signal routing, and signal conditioning are all important ingredients in a measurement system. Measurement systems are typical applications for our Specific Components™ and an area in which SGA has developed extensive expertise over the years. In this area, we help our customers push the boundaries! Examples of use cases: Input multiplexing Signal limiting… Fortsätt läsa Measurement Systems

Power Control

The key to high efficiency is well managed power management. Power management can be done efficiently with integrated on-chip solutions. However, higher power levels might call for external switching devices. In both cases an ASIC can measure, control, and supervise the power conversion in an optimized way. Incorporating this functionality helps reducing PCB footprint. Examples… Fortsätt läsa Power Control

Digital Design

We help you bridge the gap of the analog world around us and the ever-evolving digital world. ASICs can be made fully digital, partly digital and partly analog, or fully analog. At SGA we have historically focused on the interface between analog and digital systems that encompasses both in one ASIC. This means that we… Fortsätt läsa Digital Design

Low Power

By understanding your system and choosing the right process it is possible to design an ASIC that consumes a minimal possible amount of energy. Many tricks can be applied to an ASIC to save energy. The first and most obvious step is to turn off sections that are not used. You may also consider a process… Fortsätt läsa Low Power


Regardless of whether you need 5V or 200V, SGA has the experience and knowledge to help meet your requirements. Designs for high-voltage applications add another layer of complexity to the design work. We have high-voltage design experience in everything from precision measurements with very low leakage to output amplifiers. Want to know more? Talk to… Fortsätt läsa High-Voltage


MEMS devices are used in many different types of products. If you need to interface to, or integrate, a MEMS device in your product an ASIC from SGA may be the way to go. A few examples of where MEMS devices could be found are accelerometers, IMUs, ultrasounds, displays and many more. All these applications… Fortsätt läsa MEMS


An analog-front-end ASIC gives many advantages. An analog-front-end ASIC with signal conditioning close to the sensor element provides many advantages, especially in a harsh environment when the sensor signal is weak. SGA can optimize the balance of high performance, small size, and low power consumption according to your specific requirements. Example of sensor types: Piezo… Fortsätt läsa Sensors